Monday, May 11, 2009

Colon Health -- You're Worth It

Colon cancer is the third leading cancer killer among men in the world and the fourth largest cancer killer among females in the world. In the U.S., colon cancer is the second largest cancer killer in the U.S. Changes in diets and environmental factors have caused an increase in people who develop colon cancer within their lifetime. A person's colon is the part of their digestive track where waste materials are stored before the leave the body. Even if a person experiences regular bowel movements, they can have fecal matter back up in their bodies for extended periods of times, even years. This fecal matter can release toxins into the body that can lead to several common diseases. A colon cleanse can help a person to avoid and reduce the effects common diseases by removing the waste and toxins from the large and small intestines.

There are several colon cleansing programs that are currently available and oxygen colon cleanses have become increasingly popular. An oxygen colon cleanse is typically something that is taken orally instead of the traditional colon cleansers that involve warm water or supplements.

Capsules or powder variants of the cleanser are packed full of oxygen-based chemicals. Once ingested, a chemical reaction causes oxygen to be released and transported throughout the body. The most common ingredient is magnesium oxide which aids in the release of oxygen over a 6-18 hour period of time. During this time period, the oxygen which begins in your stomach and then moves throughout your entire digestive system. While it moves through your digestive system, it carries food particles and oxygen power through your body, existing with your fecal matter. One of the major functions of an oxygen colon cleanser is to loosen built-up, hardened and impacted feces or toxins that have become trapped inside the large intestine.

Oxygen colon cleansers are not as comprehensive as hydrotherapy treatments, but they offer a natural treatment option that can be done from the comfort of your own home. The oxygen process helps to reduce the effects of many common diseases and in many cases can prevent their formation. Most ineffective colon cleansers only address the small intestine, and while they can be effective in bowel movements, they are not effective at moving the fecal matter that has been present for some time in the body out of the large intestine. Oxygen colon cleansers are more effective at reducing the harmful effects of toxins that have been released or are present throughout your entire digestive system.

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